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It is hard to find another country with such an infamous CBRN history as Iraq. The use of chemical weapons in conflicts, both with neighbours and nationals, has been ongoing for 40 years, and in addition to chemical weapons there is a lot of environmental pollution that poses a danger to life and health. National and international agencies have been tackling this problem for the best part of 20 years, and now it is beginning to seem that the tide might be turning.

This is, in part, due to the International CBRN Conference, that the University of Babylon has been hosting for the past seven years. This has not only increased awareness of CBRN defence in all its forms, but also forged strong alliances between government departments, each of which previously only owned part of the problem. The event has grown in size and scope as well, last year saw the event sell out, with some people forced to attend online only, and this year the same is expected. It is also expanding past its borders, with further delegations expected from neighbouring countries, including Lebanon.


This is an ideal opportunity for CBRN defence companies that want to make a difference in a volatile environment to leave their mark, meet the decision makers at home and inform and train the users. Opportunities are available for sponsored speaking slots, intimate training spaces or to just exhibit their market leading products.


Those interested in attending as a delegate should contact and those interested in exhibiting should contact  

The organisational team behind the conference presented a case study at the 16th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference on how this event represents a new model of international interaction and cooperation, more information can be read here.

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